We decided we ought to all be clear on what few rules we have here.  They're simple.

1. If you're allergic to work, find a different site.  We work hard, and we expect anyone else who says they use Fatal Fitness to do likewise.  Hard work is a pillar of success here.

2. If you expect results, be consistent.  Consistency is the other huge pillar of success here.  If you have a rough day and feel like you got mauled the next day, don't give up.  Come back and do the next day's workout, just to conquer yourself.  Again, if you want to hang with us, you need to put in the work.

3. While on the site, don't be an f-ing troll (click for the definition).  Nobody likes that guy that feels like its his job to make forums a hostile environment.  We're here to help people achieve their athletic goals and get the jobs they dream about.  So if you feel like being that guy, head over to some other forum.

4. No porn, no obscenity.  That's all.

That's all for now guys, short, sweet and simple.