1. DeFranco's Simple 6
2. 3x
10 Clapping Pushups
10 Inverted Row


  1. Bench- warm up from 40% of max up to an 8RM.  Add weight slowly until the weight feels like a "10", then stop.
  2. Take about 10% off.  Over the course of about 20 minutes, do sets of 8 at your own pace.  When these reps reach a "10", stop. 
  3. Pendlay Rows: Repeat steps 1&2.
  4. "EMOM Hell"
    Start a stopwatch.  Do one burpee-into-pullup with a pushup at the bottom of the burpee.  The next minute do 2 burpee-into-pullups.  Every minute on the minute, do it again, adding one rep, until you hit failure.



  1. 5x 25m Underwaters with freestyle return, 1:50 interval
  2. 5x
    25m Zipper Drill
    25m Kick with arms extended
  3. 900m Freestyle swim
Posted on March 5, 2017 .