DeFranco's Agile 8 and Simple 6

  1. Squat: work up from an empty bar to a "9" on a 1-10 scale.  This means you should feel like you have only one rep left in the tank  
  2. Take about 5% off of that weight.  Take 10 minutes and do as many sets of 2 as possible, resting as needed.  This is NOT a grind or a race.  Take your time and focus on quality doubles.  When the reps start to grind, you're done.
  3. Bench and Row- Repeat step 1.  
  4. Bench and Row- Take about 10% off step 3, and in a 15 minute span perform as many triples as you can, resting as needed.  Again, not a race or a grind.  Take your time and focus on quality, "fast" reps.  When the reps start to grind, you're done.
  5. 3x: 
    10 Wide grip curl
    15 Ab Wheel Rollouts
  6. AT POOL: 
    1) 5x
    25m Underwater
    75m Freestyle Sprint
    1 Minute Rest
    2) 10x
    25m "SWOLF" Test*
    1 Minute Rest

*SWOLF = swim one length fast.  Swim one length of the pool as fast as you can, using as few strokes as you can.  Add them together for your score.  For example if it takes you 30 seconds and you used 15 strokes, your score is 45.  You're trying to get your best score possible in these 10 rounds.  

Posted on November 26, 2016 .