SAM Shoulder mobility drill
5 Hang Snatch with empty bar or pvc

  1. Snatch practice.  About 30 minutes of technique practice.
  2. 5x5 Push Press.  Load heavy enough to still be doable and smooth.
  3. AMRAP 5 Minutes
    Sled rope pull*
  4. Sled Push**
    10 Rounds
    30 Seconds Sled Push
    1 Minute Rest

*Load up a sled, heavy.  Get a rope, tie it to the sled.
Stand at the end of the rope, firm stance, back flat.  Pull the sled to yourself.  Run the rope back out, repeat.  
**For sled push, add weight.  Your legs can take more than your upper body.  

Posted on April 20, 2015 .