Warm-Up 3x
10 Empty Bar Press
10 SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill

Take your previous numbers.  If you were in strength mode, cut 30% off.  If you were in volume mode, take just 10% off.  

  1. Military Press: Warm up to working weight.  Between all sets (warm up and working sets) do a set of pull-ups, any grip.
  2. Put on a belt.  Do ONE all out set at working weight.  Take some weight off.  Do another set.  Continue until you're using an empty bar.  
    You'll need bench press boards.  See this article for how to make your own.
    Load a bar up to no more than 40-50% of your bench 1RM.  Do 10 reps, do not rack the bar.  Have a partner place a single board on your chest.  Do 10 more.  The partner now places two boards.  10 more reps, and so on, until you get to 4 boards.  Then pyramid back down.
    B. 101 Reasons- Race to complete 101 pull-ups, any grip or combination.
  4. GRIND
    A. 7x 25m Underwaters at 1:50 interval
    B. 7x
    100m Freestyle Swim at 2:10 Interval
Posted on November 8, 2015 .