Warm-Up: 3x:
SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10 Clapping Pushups
10 DB Row

  1. Bench Press & Pendlay row: starting with empty bars, work up to working weight.  Sets of 5, adding 10% each set. Superset if possible.
  2. Bench Press: do one all-out set at working weight.
  3. Pendlay Row: put on a belt and do one all out set at working weight. 
  4. Take about 20% off both bars.  Supersetting if possible, 5 sets of 8 of each.
  5. GRIND: 100 Renegade man Makers with 2 light DB's



  1. Warm-Up: 
    A. 200m Combat Swimmer stroke
    B. 5x 25m Underwater on the 2:00 mark
  2. 1500m Hypoxic Pyramid Swim

*NOTES: The hypoxic swim, to clarify, is an individually paced effort.  If you can make it to ten strokes between breaths, great.  Most people will probably make 6-7.  Work your way up, then back down again, and repeat until you've gotten the required distance.  

Posted on November 10, 2014 .