Warm-Up: 3x:
SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10 Pushups
10 DB Row


  1. Bench Press & Pendlay Row: start with empty bars. Adding about 10% of working weight each set, work up in sets of 5 to your working weight.
  2. Bench: One all out set at working weight.
  3. Pendlay row: put on a belt and repeat step 2 for row.
  4. Take about 20% off the bars.  If possible, superset (bench then row then bench, etc) 5 sets of 5.  If not possible, do 5 sets of 5 for each separately, resting 1 minute after each set.
  5. GRIND:
    Push Press
    Chin-Ups (any grip)
    Weighted Sit-Up
Posted on August 20, 2016 .