SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10 Pushups
5 Chinups


  1. Military Press & Weighted Chin: warm up to your working weights.  Superset if possible.  For weighted chin, start with low reps at bodyweight for a few sets and then low reps at weight working to your working weight.
  2. 1 all out set of both military press and weighted chin.
  3. Take half of your all out sets.  Do 5 sets of 50% of your all out sets (if you got 8 reps, you're doing 5 sets of 4)
  4. Grind:
    5 Rounds for time:
    10 Clapping Pushups
    15 Chest supported row with DB's
    20 weighted sit-ups 
Posted on May 15, 2016 .