Today we're beginning the 40 day Squat Challenge!  You will be squatting every day, 5-6 days a week, until thanksgiving!  There will be less volume but be prepared for initial soreness.  We will be alternating between different squat variations.

  1. Warmup: 3x
    HUG Hip Mobility Drill
    Sumo Squat with KB 10x
  2. Back Squat- Low Bar: work up from empty bar to a comfortable 2RM (not grinding, 2 clean reps with good form as heavy as you can before form breaks down)
  3. Take about 20% off the bar.  Do 2 sets of 5.
  4. Bench Press: After 3-4 warmup sets, do 3x5 at about 75% 1RM.
  5. 5x10 Sitting Leg Levers*
  6. Grind: 
    1 Minute suicide sprint
    1 Minute Rest

*Sitting Leg Levers- sit with legs flat in front of you on floor.  Put hands (palms or at least fingertips) on floor at or past your knees.  Keeping your legs straight, lift your heels off the ground.  

Posted on October 4, 2016 .