HUG Hip Mobility Drill

  1. Low-Bar Squat: Work up to a Daily Max*.  When you get to about 80%, put on a belt.
  2. Take 10-15% off.  For 10-15 minutes, do sets of 2.  Rest as needed.  When the sets start to grind, stop.
  3. Military or seated press: Repeat steps one and two.
  4. Pull-ups: do 8-10 sets, going 1 rep past comfortable, ideally spread throughout workout.
  5. Deadlift: do ten singles at about 75-80% of 1RM.  These can be done on their own or spread throughout workout.

*Daily Max- not your 1 rep max.  This is your 90-95%, most you can do with clean form, leaving maybe one rep in the tank.  If you need death metal to pump yourself up, it's too heavy.  As you squat every day you will be fatigued.  Think of it as your body's way to keep you conservative on your lifts.  

Posted on October 30, 2016 .