Warm-Up 3x
10 Empty Bar Press
10 SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill

  1. Military Press: Warm up to working weight.
  2. Volume Mode Users: 5x10, with equal reps chin-ups between
    Strength Mode Users: 5x3, with equal reps weighted chins between
  3. 5x
    10 Bodyweight Dips
    3 Negative Chins- make eccentric motion as long as possible
  4. 3x
    10-15 Lat Raises
    10-15 Reverse Curls
    30 Seconds Front Plank
    30 Seconds Side Plank- each side

NOTE: Last month you assigned yourself "strength" or "volume" mode.  You are sticking with that, but the reps are progressing slightly. 

Posted on September 6, 2015 .