Warm-Up: 3x
10 Clapping Pushups
10 Inverted Row
Y+L Shoulder Drill

  1. Bench Press: Take your 1rm from last week,  Warm up to about 70%- that's your working weight.  You will be operating in either volume or strength mode, depending on your test last week.
  2. Option 1- Volume Mode: 5x12, with equal reps heavy DB row between
    Option 2- Strength Mode: 5x5, with equal reps Pendlay row between
  3. 3x
    12 Chest Fly's
    12 Curls
    12 Pullovers
  4. 3x
    30 Seconds Front Plank
    30 Seconds Side Plank- each side
Posted on August 9, 2015 .