Warm-Up: 3x
SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10 Pushups on DB's
20 DB row per arm

  1. Bench: Warm up from empty bar to working weight. Between each set, max pull-ups 
  2. Cut to about 70% of working weight.
  3. 50 reps for time.  Alternate between bench and bodyweight chin-ups (palms in).  Match your bench reps to chin-up reps.  So if you get 12 reps, you have to do 12 chin-ups before the next set of bench.
  4. 3x
    10 Incline Bench
    20 heavy DB row per arm
  5. 5x
    10 Curl-into-arnold press
    10 Reverse Fly
Posted on June 7, 2015 .