10 Dislocating Lunges
8-10 Chinups
10 Empty Bar Press

  1. Military Press: Warm up from empty bar to working weight.  Between sets do 5 strict DB rows per arm, doing more weight each set.
  2. Military Press: Put on a belt.  Do one all out set.
  3. Take a little weight off, do another all out set.  Then again, then again gradually down to an empty bar.
  4. Kroc Row- with a heavy DB do one all out, exhaustive set per arm.  You're aiming for 20+ reps, and you should go until your grip fails or you just can't get any more.  Then grab a lighter bell and repeat.  Then once more.  
  5. GRIND: 5x:
    10 Weighted Pushups*
    10 Chin-ups or lat-pulldowns**
    10 Ab wheel rollouts or barbell rollouts

*Put a plate on your back LIKE THIS.  Ignore the guy's hand position.  
**Lat pulldowns are completely acceptible- your upper back may be jello after the Kroc rows.  If you do the pulldowns, just do as heavy as you can to still get the reps.  

Posted on February 22, 2015 .