The strength bias is for those who need to build or rebuild their strength foundation before moving on to more sport-specific work for their goals/career field.  It is based around heavy compound lifting, with a lot of recovery built in.  While following this track you should NOT be doing a lot of extra cardio.  You should also NOT be restricting your calories too much.  Finally, you SHOULD get plenty of sleep.


  1. 3X:
    10 Goblet Squat
    10 KB Deadlift with toes against wall
    HUG Hip Mobility Drill
  2. 100 Single Unders


  1. Work up to approximately 70% of your 1RM on Deadlift. This is your starting working weight.
  2. Put on a belt.  Do one all-out set at your working weight.  Have a spotter watch your form- when you start to round, it's time to stop.
  3. Do a reverse ladder from about half of your all-out set.  So if I got 8 reps, I'd do 4-3-2-1.  
  4. Front Squat: load a bar heavy on the rack.  Do two sets to failure, resting 1.5 minutes between.  RECORD YOUR SETS.
  5. GRIND:
    50 double KB snatch for time
    100 single KB snatch for time

NOTES: You will be following a minimalist lifting program that centers on the "5-10 Rule".  It is focused on loading more weight on the bar when you're ready, and step by step helping you to be ready.  You need to record all of your "all-out" sets.  They are the defining, central portion of your workouts.  If you can't lift a weight 5 reps, it's too heavy for our purposes.  If you can lift it more than 10 reps, you're strong enough to move on.  So every lift, you need to track- when you can do 10 or more reps in your "all out" set, next time you do that lift, add weight.  Click here for a longer explanation.  

Posted on March 18, 2014 .