Warm-Up: 3x
HUG Hip Mobility Drill
SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill


  1. Military Press & Chin-Ups- warm up from about 50% working weight to working weight.  For chin-ups, if you are doing weighted, warm up to those in small sets.  If bodyweight only, do sets of 10 between military press warmup sets.
  2. Do one all out set of each.  Wear a belt for military press. 
  3. Take your reps, cut them in half.  Pyramid. down.*
  4. Deadlift.  Warm up from about 50% of working weight to working weight.
  5. One all out set.  Wear a belt.
  6. Grind: 
    Sumo Deadlift (at about 50-60% working weight) OR heavy KB swings
    Clapping Push-ups
    Heavy DB or KB rows (per arm)


Posted on December 28, 2014 .