The training we do is tough.  Like on our "Rules" page, if you're allergic to work, this isn't for you.  

Having said that, it's 100% on you to not be stupid.  When you start out, you need to be realistic about your limits, and start slow.  

Most people aren't prepared for the extreme level needed to negotiate the challenging obstacles presented in our training. There is no shame in not being able to complete or handle anything found in our programs. The most important thing to bring to the table is your willpower, which is the only weapon needed to rise to the occassion. It is also important to remember that just because you can't complete a workout as prescribed, doesn't mean you don't belong here.  

What You Need to Know Right Now

Our goal is to help you get fit. We believe fitness extends beyond just being strong or being able to run forever. That's not fitness. Fitness is a combination of many things, and it's our belief that you should be good in all aspects of fitness rather than just a few. (The real reason for me, personally, is because I'm greedy and I want to be good at everything.) Because of this, we try to incorporate as many components of fitness as possible into the workouts. Which leads me to the next thing...

Fitness is different for different people.  People's goals can be completely different- "fitness" for a SEAL is very different from "fitness" for a fireman.  The "target" is different for different people's goals.  And not only is the "target" different, so is where we "shoot" from.  Some people need to get stronger.  Some people need to lose weight.  Some people need endurance.  


Step one is to evaluate where you are right now.  

  1. Are you over 20% body fat?  (25% for women)?  If yes, start with our fat loss track.
  2. Can you pass the minimum strength test?  If not, start with our strength track.

Since our membership gives you access to all of our training tracks, you can move seamlessly from fat loss or strength to any of our other tracks when you are ready.

Street to Elite ETG
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A 12 week workout to help get you up to speed for our Training!

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We also have some e-books in our store that give shorter programs for people who want a "taste" of training. For example: 

From Street to Elite: Vol. 1
You may want to consider starting with our special training program for those brand-new to this type of fitness: 

This Elite Training Guide (available in PDF form) will take you from zero to hero in 3 months! This guide is designed for those who have not been physically active in a while or need to build up to a level needed to do our Death Certificates as prescribed. We HIGHLY recommend you start with this if you are just coming to Fatal Fitness.

Everything in this guide can also be done without the use of special gym equipment. Unlike our other Elite Training Guides, this guide features 120 days of never-before-seen workouts (not featured on the Fatal Fitness main site), instead of just 10 weeks!

Start Small
We have a challenge workout that calls for 101 pull-ups in as short a time as possible.  We have athletes that have done it in 5 minutes.  There aren't very many people in the world that can do that. This is just a fact of life. Realize that when the recipe calls for such a feat we don't expect you to complete such a high volume in one sitting. Take it one rep at a time.
It's better to perform 100 sets of 1 repetition than to give up after only 5 or 10 reps.
Taking a break is acceptible also. If you cannot complete a round or a set, rest, then continue on. Knocking out all of the reps called for is the important thing, whether it's accumulated throughout the course of an hour or whether it's all at once. Also remember that it's okay to scale the workout down if needed, whether it's the reps, or the load, or by substituting for a different version of an exercise.

Substitute Exercises as Needed
Don't work through pain if you have an injury. You'll only exacerbate the problem. If you cannot do an exercise due to some circumstance that is beyond your control--something other than "I'm tired and I want to give up"--substitute that exercise for something similar that you can do. It's also important to recognize your limitations and alter the workout when necessary. If you need help picking a good replacement, just ask--we're here to help.

Finding Equipment

You'll be renovating your body into a fortress, so you'll need the right tools to get the job done. Unfortunately, some of the equipment called for in the Death Certificates are hard to come by. If you don't have access to a health facility, don't despair. We try to limit the equipment needed, but some exercises you may not be able to do because you may not have what you need. All of the bodyweight exercises can be done by improvising; use a tree or a door for pullups. Use two chairs for dips. The possibilities are limitless when you exercise your brain in conjunction with your body. Other than that, if you're limited gear-wise, sign up for our "No Gear" track!

Fuel the Machine
You need to eat, there is no getting around this. What you eat is important, and while you may not find many resources just yet on this site, you can still take steps to set yourself up for success.  Eat clean, and eat plenty.

Consume a variety of foods from all the food groups. Don't neglect a certain group and forget about fad diets.
Limit the junk you intake. You know what is crap and what is not. If you find you can't live without something that you know is bad for you, cut down on the portion or frequency while eliminating the bad things you can live without.

Get Adequate Rest
Our different training tracks have differing numbers of rest days, however, they all build in plenty of rest.  Rest is very important to recovery, and recovery is when your body adapts to training.