Week of 11.20.16 (Thanksgiving Week)

You will be taking it easy this week except for testing new maxes and one grind for Friday or Saturday. 

Retest DL 1RM
Retest MilPress 1RM

Retest Squat 1RM
Retest Bench 1RM

Friday or Saturday:
Part I

60 situps
50 pushups
40 squat jumps 30 pullups
20 iron mikes 10 atomic situps

THEN: 9-7-5-3-1

  • Alternating single hand kb swing 
  • KB clean & press with hand that it ends up in at end of swings 
  • Divebomber pushups into burpees
    Cooldown: 100 flutterkicks
    NOTE: if no kettlebell available, substitute a dumbbell
    Part II
    Run and Swim for a total combined time of 1 hour.
Posted on November 20, 2016 .