Warm-Up 3x
10 Empty Bar Press
10 SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill

  1. Squat: Warm up to working weight
  2. Volume Mode Users: 5x10, with equal reps chin-ups between
    Strength Mode Users: 5x3, with equal reps weighted chins between
  3. GRIND 1: Sandbag Shuffle: (see below for description)
    8x 100 yard
    Between reps, 50 Air Squats
  4. GRIND 2: 
    Option 1: 8x
    1 Minute Sled Push OR Pull
    1 Minute Rest
    Option 2: 8x
    1.5 Minute Run
    1 Minute Rest

*Get a sandbag loaded at 60-80 lbs (a surplus duffle and some wood pellets is a cheap solution).  Take it to a flat field such as a football or soccer field.  Bear hug it or hold it on one or both shoulders, and feel free to change your hold.  But pick it up and quickly get it from one end to the other.  Stop this at the first sign of anything hurting especially back or knees.  

Posted on September 20, 2015 .