arm-Up: 3x
Y+L Shoulder Drill
10 Pushups on DB's
10 Chin-ups

  1. EMOM Till Failure:
    First minute, do one pull-up.  Second minute, do 2, etc. until you fail. You can dismount the bar or break up the reps so long as they're done in that minute.  
  2. 3x:
    1 Minute Bench press at about 60-70% working weight- no setting bar down!
    1 Minute Rest
  3. 3x:
    Max Pushups
    20 Kroc Rows per arm
  4. 3x
    10 Curls
    10 Lat Raises
    10 Weighted Crunches

LATER: 20 Minute Swim OR non-impact cardio

*Negative pull-ups- kip, jump, or cheat some other way to get up.  Lower yourself slowly, trying for 4-5 seconds on the way down.  Be strict on timing the descent, and these will be very hard.  

Posted on July 18, 2015 .