Warm-Up: 3x
SAM Shoulder Mobility
20 Empty bar bench

  1. Bench Press: Warm up to working weight.* 
  2. One All-out set at working weight*
  3. 3 additional sets of 3-5 at working weight*
  4. 3x
    5 Weighted Dips
    5 L-Sit Pull-ups
  5. 3x: 
    10-15 Curl-into-Arnold Press
    Inverted Rows to failure (at bodyweight)
    1 Minute Plank Walk-Up


Later, 20 Minute Swim AMRAP: 
100m Freestyle Swim
30 Seconds Rest

*Working weight is where you are in our strength progression.  For example if you are on 10's wave, go with that number.  If you are in volume mode, steps 2&3 are replaced by your sets (5x10, 5x8, and so on)

Posted on July 18, 2015 .