Warm-Up: 3x
SAM Shoulder Mobility
20 Empty bar bench

  1. Bench Press: Warm up to working weight.* 
  2. One All-out set at working weight*
  3. 3 additional sets of 3-5 at working weight*
  4. 3x
    5 Weighted Dips
    5 L-Sit Pull-ups
  5. 3x: 
    10-15 DB Military Press**
    Max Chin-ups
    1 Minute Plank


Later, 20 Minute Swim AMRAP: 
100m Freestyle Swim
30 Seconds Rest

*Working weight is where you are in our strength progression.  For example if you are on 10's wave, go with that number.  If you are in volume mode, steps 2&3 are replaced by your sets (5x10, 5x8, and so on)

**DB Military Press is in hypertrophy range, and should be heavy enough to feel burn in your shoulders but not heavy enough to cause you to hyperextend and stress your lumbar.  

Posted on June 14, 2015 .