Warm-Up: 3x
HUG Hip Mobilty Drill
10 Dislocating Lunges

  1. Bench Press & Pendlay Row: Warm up to working weight
  2. Bench Press- one all out set at working weight.  Take about 20-25% off, do one more all out set.
  3. Pendlay row- repeat step 2 for row.  
  4. Grind:
    A. Tricep Hell
    Grab bench boards, or some sections of 2x4's.  You will need a partner's help to place the boards on your chest.  Load a bar to no more than 50-60% of your bench working weight.  Ten reps.  Then ten reps with one board.  Ten reps with two boards, ten reps with three boards.  Immediately go back to two boards, then one, then none.  Continue until failure.  
    B: 3x
    1 Minute Plank
    30 Seconds Side Plank Each Side
    30 Flutterkicks 
Posted on March 22, 2015 .