Warm-Up: 3x
10 Dislocating Lunges
HAM Hip Mobility Drill
20 KB Swings


  1. Bench Press& Pendlay Row: warm up from empty bar to working weight.  
  2. One all-out set of each. Wear a belt for row.  
  3. Beginning at half of the reps of your "all out" sets, pyramid down.*
  4. Front Squat:warm up from half of your working weight.
  5. One all out set.  Belt optional.  
  6. Front squat- cut your "all out" reps in half, and pyramid down.  Between sets, do a "work zone" set of bodyweight pull-ups
    A. 20-15-10-15-20:
    Air Squat
    1x 100m suicide sprint
    B. 6 ROUNDS:
    400M Run* OR 1 Minute Sled Push/Pull
    20 Pushups
    "Work Zone" Pull-Ups**
    20 Flutterkicks

    *For 400m run, if you need, do on a treadmill.  But set at a faster than race pace.  
    ** "Work Zone" Pull-Ups- 2 to 3 reps past your comfort zone. Example- If you've been stuck forever at 12 or 13 pull-ups, and whatever number you're doing, five or six is comfortable and beyond that starts to get hard, then we'll take the comfort zone, and add two or three reps.  So instead of 5 comfy reps you'd be doing 7-8 reps, pushing just hard enough to strain past your comfort zone.  Especially after intervals.
Posted on January 18, 2015 .