SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10 clapping pushups
10 inverted row OR light dumbbell row


  1. Bench and Pendlay Row: warm up from an empty bar to your working weights
  2. 1 all out set of each.
  3. Cut those all out sets in half- do 5 sets of 50% of your all out sets.  Superset bench and row if possible.
  4. GRIND:
    (1) 10 Minutes AMRAP:
    10 dips or Push Press
    10 Chinups
    10 Ankles-to-bar
    (2) Load up a 40 lb Ruck- get out and moving for 1 hour, conversational pace.*

*The ruck portion may be done either immediately after the lift or later in the day

Posted on March 28, 2014 .