Strength Day:

The Ruck Heavy Program is periodized for you.  We are starting in late winter/early spring, and at this stage we are still focused on strength.  As the weather warms, you will be out rucking more and more, and you will be transitioning from building strength to maintaining it while we build your work capacity and then build stamina.  


  1. HAM Hip Mobility Drill
  2. 100 single unders with jumprope 


  1. Starting with empty bar, build up to approximately 70% of your 1 rep max on deadlift (sumo or conventional).  Build up in sets of 5, adding 20-25 lbs per set.  That 70% is your "working weight"
  2. WITH A BELT ON, do one all-out set at your working weight.  Have a partner watch you and stop you when your form begins to deteriorate.  Record your reps, then rest 2-3 minutes.
  3. Taking your all-out set score, cut it in half (round up if it's an odd number).  Do a reverse pyramid.  For example, you got 8 reps.  Do 4-3-2-1, resting 1.5-2 minutes between sets.  
  4. Front squat- load up a bar on a rack.  Do 2 sets to failure.  We're looking for 8+ reps a set.  
  5. GRIND: Grab 2 kettlebells or 2 dumbbells:
    A. 3 Rounds:
    10 Front Squat with KB's or DB's
    200m Sprint
    B. 20-15-10:
    Front Squat bar or 2 KB's
    Double KB Snatch
    4 Count Flutterkick

EXPLANATIONS: You are lifting according to the "5-10" Rule.  For more info on that, read THIS POST.  For the "Grind Part A" afterwards, you should NOT be resting at all between sets.  Short, intense sprint, immediately into squat.  This should take you under 5 minutes, and should leave you burning O2 for a while.  Take 2 minutes rest before doing part "B".

Posted on March 18, 2014 .