Warm-Up: 3x
10 Dislocating Lunges
HAM Hip Mobility Drill
20 KB Swings


  1. Bench Press & Weighted Chins: warm up from empty bar to working weight.  For weighted chins you may warm up with a couple of low-rep sets at bodyweight.
  2. One all-out set of each.  
  3. Beginning at half of the reps of your "all out" sets, pyramid down.*
  4. Squat: warm up to about 75-80% of your working weight.  5 sets of 5. OR FRONT SQUAT**
  5. GRIND:
    A. 3x10:
    Kirk Shrugs
    Drag Curls
    B.10 Minute EMOM
    40m Heavy Sled Push

*For example, if you got 8 reps on bench, you would then do 4,3,2,1.  If you got 6 reps on weighted chins, you would do 3,2,1.  

**FRONT SQUAT- FS is a secondary lift, but if you are going to use it on this day, develop a new "working weight" for FS as it's own lift.  That is, work up to a weight you can handle between 5-10 reps, and proceed like any of our lifts.

Posted on December 9, 2014 .