UPDATED Strength Programming

Our strength programming operates in 3 different modes:

  1. Volume
  2. "Power"
  3. Strength

In general, our athletes start by determining their 1 rep max for a given lift.  You would then cut the weight to a percentage of that max and train in a given mode.  More on that below.

In each mode there are several phases.  You train in one phase until you fail twice.  When you fail twice, it's time to deload.  Take 10% off, and move on to the next phase.  Every workout, if you successfully get the assigned reps for the phase, the next time you add weight.  5 lbs for upper body lifts, 10 lbs for lower.  You stay in a phase until you fail twice and need to deload.

Volume mode:  One would typically cut their weight to no more than 60% of their 1rm.  Then they would proceed through the phases.

  1. 5x12
  2. 5x10
  3. 5x8

Power mode: move into power mode after volume.  This is our old tried-and-true "one all out set" format.  You warm up very gradually and perform one all-out set at working weight.  If you get at LEAST the required reps, you move on the next week.

  1. 1x10+
  2. 1x8+
  3. 1x5+

Strength mode: The traditional low rep high weight.  

  1. 5x5
  2. 5x3
  3. 5x2

When you finally fail after 5x2, cut your weight by 40-50% and go back to volume mode.


Posted on August 2, 2015 .