Strength Minimums

We recommend every athlete be able to perform the following minimums:

  1. Deadlift*: be able to deadlift at least 2x your bodyweight (1.5x bodyweight for women)
  2. Bench Press**: be able to bench at least 1.5x your bodyweight (bodyweight for women)
  3. Pull-Ups: 12+ dead hang, strict pull-ups (6x for women)

IF you cannot do these yet, we recommend you stick to the "Strength Bias" track until you can.  Of course, if you are up against a deadline for a competition or selection, you may have to go into your "sport specific" track sooner.  However, building the strength foundation first is the ideal we recommend.

These are just minimum benchmarks- they do not represent the ideal of strength, and in your individual training tracks you will continue to always build or maintain strength.  

The reason we selected the few lifts we did is that they are a quick, simple way to test your overall strength, and your general preparedness for further training.  

Posted on March 24, 2014 .