1. Squat Routine 2.0
  2. 3x:
    10 Clapping Pushups
    10 inverted row or DB row
    10 KB sumo DL with toes against wall


  1. Bench & Row: warm up from empty bar to working weight.
  2. Do one all out set of each.  THEN cut your reps in half, and do 5 sets at half of your all out set.  Superset the bench and row.*
  3. Squat: warm up from an empty bar to working weight.
  4. Put on a belt.  Do one all out set at your working weight.
  5. Take your all out reps, cut them in half.  Do 5 sets at that number.

*Example: If I get 8 on bench and 10 on row, my 5 sets will be:
5 sets of:
4 bench
5 row

NOTES: This heavy work is about as high volume as you're going to be doing.  Soon enough, your volume on "gym" days will reduce, and your "station days" will get harder/longer.  Over the course of the summer we will be hammering your conditioning level, so the strength work will scale back to maintenance.  

Posted on April 9, 2017 .