Week of 5.4.15

This week, 2 gym days and 2 station days.  

Day 1- gym
Squat, bench and row- cut your working weight to about 60%.  

  1. Squat- warm up to new working weight (deloaded)
  2. Try for 5 sets of 10- keep the reps clean and crisp.  If you have to start pausing mid-set, you're done.
  3. Bench and Pendlay row- follow steps 1 & 2 for bench and row.  For the 5 sets of 10, superset if possible.  
  4. 3 sets to failure:


Day 2: Station

With Partner, 5 Rounds:
50 yard Fireman Carry*
50 Air Squats
30 Jumping Lunges (15 each side)

*Fireman carry your partner.  You can alternate if necessary (i.e., partner A carries partner B, then partner B carries partner A, then squats and lunges done by both partners.  If no partner, use a heavy sandbag for carries.  


Day 3: Gym
Deadlift, military press and chinups- deload to about 60% of your current working weight

  1. Deadlift- warm up to new, deloaded working weight.
  2. Try for 5 sets of 10- if your form goes bad or you need to start pausing, stop.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for military press- between all sets, do 10-15 chin-ups.  
  4. 3 Rounds:
    Dips to failure OR incline pushups to failure
    Pull-ups to failure


Day 4: Station
Wear full gear and SCBA.  On air optional.  Drag a sled behind you and carry a sandbag.  1 Minute work, 30 seconds rest.  10 rounds (15 minutes total)

Posted on May 3, 2015 .