SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10 Empty Bar Press
5 Chinups- any grip

  1. Military Press: starting with empty bar, work up to working weight.  Add about 10% each set and use sets of 5.  Between sets, 10-20 pull-ups any grip.*
  2. Put on a belt.  Do one all out set at working weight.  
  3. Take about 20% off the bar.  5 sets of 8, supersetted with 10-20 pull-ups between sets.*
  4. GRIND:
    A. 10 Double-Unders**
    20 KB/DB Row each arm
    20 Pushups
    10 Hammer Strikes
    B. 1 Mile Run for time

*Pull-Ups: if you can't do at LEAST 10 pull-ups, start using a band for assistance or do lat pulldowns.  As heavy as you can and still be getting 10+ reps.
**Double-Unders- these take practice.  Keep going till you get all the reps.  

Posted on August 3, 2014 .