SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10 Empty Bar Presses
10 Chinups (palms in)


  1. Military Press and Weighted Pull-Ups: warm up from empty bar to your working weights
  2. Press: put on a belt- one all-out set at your working weight.  Pause 30 seconds, one more all out set.  Pause another 30 seconds, one last all out set.  Do the same with pull-ups- one all out set, pause, repeat, pause, repeat.
  3. Weighted Pull-Ups: do as you did for presses.



  1. 20-15-10 (5 Minute Time Limit)
    Accelerating Bench*
    Pendlay or chest supported row
  2. Option 1: Sled/Prowler 
    EMOM, 10 Minutes:
    50 yard push with bodyweight loaded**
    Option 2: Sprint
    10 Rounds:
    1 Minute suicide sprint
    1 Minute rest


*Accelerating Bench: bench press using chains, bands or a slingshot, all of which cause the bench to be lighter at the bottom, heavier at the top.  Do not overload the actual weight- this is very high rep.

**Sled/Prowler Load: you should load the sled or prowler to your bodyweight including the weight of the sled or prowler.  The Rogue Dog Sled, for example, weighs about 100 lbs.  A small sled may weigh much less and therefore require more plates.  

Posted on May 2, 2014 .