This week is an intentional light week.  You should do no heavy conditioning this week, and as far as lifting, you may either completely rest OR lift at about 70% of your current working loads.  We recommend the working at 70% of your current loads.  

And so this week, you will do your core lifting, go home, and enjoy.  Happy Easter.


SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill
10x clapping pushups
10 KB/DB row


  1. Bench and Row: warm up from empty bars to your working weights.
  2. Scale down to about 70% of your working weights.  Put on a belt for row.  1 all out set of each.
  3. Take an additional 20% off each bar.  Another all out set of each.  
  4. Go home and relax.  
Posted on April 18, 2014 .