SAM Shoulder Mobility Drill

10 Empty Bar Press

5 Chinups- any grip


Military Press: starting with empty bar, work up to working weight.  Add about 10% each set and use sets of 5.  Between sets, 10-20 pull-ups any grip.*

Put on a belt.  Do one all out set at working weight.  

Take about 20% off the bar.  5 sets of 8, supersetted with 10-20 pull-ups between sets.*

GRIND: 50 Minutes Work

EMOM, 50 Minutes*
3 Push Press with 2 KB/DB
3 Pull-ups any grip

*Yes, do this circuit every minute on the minute for 50 rounds.  It will be easy at first and horrible very soon.  Get your work done early in the minute so that you have longer to recover.  


Posted on October 12, 2014 .