Every fat loss session begins with basic strength work, and then moves on to the "grind", which is the money-maker for fat loss.  This session involves pull-ups.  If you cannot do pull-ups, you should substitute inverted rows.  


  • Barbell & rack
  • Pullup bar, rings or something to do inverted rows with
  • Sled


  1. 100 single unders
  2. 3x:
    10 Pushup
    10 Row with light barbell
    10 Lunging dislocates


  1. Work up to a moderate weight on military press (should be about 70% of 1RM).  Do one all out set- you should get a minimum of 5 reps, but aim for 10+.  
  2. Starting at half of your "all-out" sets, do a reverse ladder.
    --Pullups: If you are able to do at least 10 pull-ups, you should do a set of 10 between every set of military press, even the warmup sets.  
  3. GRIND:
    A: 5 Rounds:
    40 seconds Heavy Sled Drag
    80 seconds recovery
    B: KB Complex: 
    50 Man Makers with light DB's or KB's- try to do without stopping!
Posted on March 26, 2017 .