Week of 3.21.16

Day 1:
Squat and Bench Press: Work up to 2RM for each.

5x 5 @80% 2RM for each.  If possible, alternate bench, row, then squat.  If not, do squat first, then bench and row.

Day 2: 

  1. 20-15-10
    Burpees with pushups at bottom of rep
    KB Swings
  2. 100 KB Snatch for time
  3. 20 Minute Run

Day 3:  REST

Day 4: Military Press and Deadlift
Work up to 2RM
5x5 for both @ 80%.  If you have enough equipment, rotate through press, chinups/pulldowns and then deadlifts.  If not, deadlifts first and then press/pulldowns

Day 5: 
1 Hour swim, run, bike, or ruck.  

Posted on March 20, 2016 .