Week of 10.23.16


This week we will continue our daily squatting and pressing variants, but instead of going to a "daily max" each day we will work up to roughly 80% of the daily maxes we've been getting.  Cap each lift every day off with 2 sets of 5 at 80%.  For your deadlifts, continue with ten singles but scale them back to about 80% of what you were lifting last week. 


For conditioning maintenance, do the following workouts spread through the week.  Do them after lifting, not before.  And be sure to be getting lots of rest; this is conditioning maintenance, don't push them to the point of ruining your lifts.

  1. 10 Minutes:
  2. 50m freestyle sprint
    15 seconds rest
  3. 4x
    200m swim
    1 Minute tread water (no hands)
  4. 1000m swim, any stroke, easy pace.
Posted on October 22, 2016 .