Week of 4.27.15


Fat loss program participants should be lifting heavy one day a week as we shift the focus of your programming to more and more conditioning as spring/summer progresses

Day 1:
Deadlift, military press and lat pulldown

Slowly, carefully work up to new 2 rep maxes for each!  


Day 2: 
Humility: 3x
10 Deadlift at 110% bodyweight OR 60-70% working weight (whichever is lower)
20 Step ups to bench (10 each leg)

Later, 10 Rounds:
30 Seconds Sprint
30 Seconds Rest


Day 3: 

Accelerating Front Squat
Pushups on DB's OR DB bench press

Later: 30 minutes-1 Hour easy conditioning (play basketball, hike, whatever)


Day 4: KB Circuit- 10 Minutes AMRAP.  Do not stop!

10 KB Swing
10 KB snatch- left arm
10 KB Snatch- right arm
10 Push Press-left arm
10 Push Press- right arm
10 Goblet Squat

Later: Long walk, conversational pace.  

Posted on April 26, 2015 .