Why Paid Membership?

User submitted.  

User submitted.  


Since the launch of our new site, the biggest question we've had is why we've gone to a paid membership system.  After all, FF used to do a free workout of the day, so why the change?  Some people were turned off by this change.  But the reasons why we did it might change your mind.  

To be honest, this is something we resisted for years.  We worked hard on a site that was basically a free service, never gaining much from it but wanting to keep helping guys reach their goals.  Unfortunately, this came at a cost, not only to ourselves, but those we were trying to help.  

More than one of our Cadre have left because they needed to focus on their own goals, whether in the military or civilian world.  While they wished the project all the best, they had their own lives, their own families to look after.  Work on the site, on it's programming and on helping dudes get their dreams became harder.  Meanwhile, we were growing.  Mainly through word of mouth, people came seeking our help.  And with our growth came more guys, different goals, different needs.  But it was becoming a stretch to keep up with the demand.  

Basically, we reached a point where we had to decide: sink or swim.  Would we stay a free service and no longer be able to afford to put the time and energy into providing excellent training?  Or would we swim, and make Fatal Fitness into a bigger, better, more quality service?

We chose to swim.  With the paid membership, we can now provide not just a single workout of the day, but multiple training tracks, planned programmed and periodized for a long term approach that will help you grow, build a sturdy foundation, and reach your goals.  We can provide well planned, solid programs that will not just give you a 6-week boost but take you over the long haul to being an athlete.  

What we provide now is a much better service than we could have before.  

Our Price:

We knew we needed to move to a paid system.  But that doesn't mean we wanted to gouge anybody.  We took a look around at other sites with a similar audience and service.  We wanted to provide more than them.  And we wanted to charge less.  

So that's what we did.  We took our nearest competitor, and cut their price in half.  Having said that, that competitor does NOT provide multiple training tracks.  You do what they say, and if your goals differ, sorry for your luck.  Not here.  You get five times as much, for half the price.  

How this all helps you:  

This all helps you in more than one way.   

  1. Better workouts.  A paid system allows us to give a better product.
  2. More options.  We are more likely than anyone else out there to have a training track that matches your goals.
  3. Self-Motivation: If you have invested in a training track, you will be 100% more likely to be consistent and dedicated to it.  
  4. Better access: A subscriber will get much better access to answers from us.  

That's it in a nutshell, the how's and why's of our new setup.  A better service to help you get where you want to be.  


Posted on March 31, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.