Don't be Scumbag Steve


Scumbag Steve approached me one day and asked the following question of myself and those who train with us: 

"I'm a stupid person. I really want to work out and improve physically, but I always come up with excuses in the end. I've made tons of work-out plans and schedules for myself but they last a week tops. Whats a good way to keep yourself working?"


I felt a little bad even calling him Scumbag Steve, because here he was coming to me with a genuine question, and wanting to improve himself.  But then I realized that, true to form, he was basically looking for an easy fix instead of the real solution.  

Here's the thing-

Motivation is one of the biggest things any athlete (or aspiring athlete) faces. It is the mental block that makes or breaks the decision to work hard. Something we always want to stress here though is that motivation needs to come from something, some goal, besides the superficial. If your goal is to get "shredded, swoll" or "jacked", you probably won't last too long, because your goal is superficial. If you want to be strong, want to be healthy, that's better. If you want to stop being a soft lazy ass and start being more of a man, that's even better. If you have a specific goal, i.e., "I want to be a TACP," "I want to be a PJ", "I want this law enforcement job or that Fire/Rescue job", that's a specific goal of something you want to do with your life, something you want to become. All of these are examples of something fulfilling, something that improves you as a person rather than just improving your body as if you were upgrading your car. This isn't "pimp my ride," this is real life, and trying to live it better.

That's one of many reasons you don't see bodybuilding type exercises here. We use what's functional because we want to keep our motivation pure, fulfilling, real. We want the motivation to have substance, so we shun that which is hollow. So check yourself and figure out why you're here. If it's stupid and superficial, make the necessary adjustments in yourself. We'll help you do that.

In other words, don't be Scumbag Steve. 




Posted on March 29, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.