Gear Review: Rogue Fitness Grandfather Clock Grips


Grip strength is underrated.  It applies to many sports and just about every job.  Not to mention daily life.  In your training, are you stuck on pullups?  A stronger grip could get a few more reps.  Plateaued on your deadlift?  Your grip might be your weak spot.   Anyway, there are hundreds of products out there to help you train your grip.  Most are unnecessary. 

We decided to do a review of a few decent grip training aids.

Rogue Fitness’ Grandfather Clock Grip System:


Climbing ropes is excellent training.  Great for the upper back, great for the grip.  Gymnasts, CrossFit aficionados and others climb ropes in their daily workouts.  The Ancient Greeks are thought to have climbed dual ropes, that is two ropes side by side, which you would grip one hand on each. 

However, most gyms don’t have ropes and don’t have a high enough ceiling for them anyway.  Certainly not most home gyms.  Besides, even those who are proficient at pull-ups can struggle a little with climbing ropes because their grip is a weak link, and the vertical ropes require more grip than a regular pullup bar.  Enter the “grandfather clock” grips.  They get their name because they look like the cylinder weights in a grandfather clock.  They work by replicating the approximate diameter of a climbing rope.  They give you the chance to do pullups on a vertical grip that is similar to a climbing rope.  I find that the fact that they are a hard surface instead of the rope which has some “give” forces you to crush grip more than you would have to do to rope.  I've rigged up thick manila rope over squat racks, and for about the same amount of money at the end of the day, I prefer the Rogue Grips.

Doing pullups from these grips puts your shoulders in a different position than a pullup bar, which I’m grateful for when my shoulders are a bit strained from lots of presses/pulls. 

Because of the powdercoat on the metal, you may need to chalk your hands.  Ironic for grip training that you need to use a grip aid to challenge your grip.  But the point of the grips is not for the bars to be slippery, so a light chalking is fine to get the full potential of these grips. 

These are excellent for farmers carries also. 

In summary, these are relatively inexpensive, and an excellent training tool to take with you to the gym.  I find they get taken out of my gym bag much more than the “ball” grips or the silicone “fat gripz”.

Posted on March 19, 2014 .