Gear Review: CFF Competition Kettlebell

Christians Fitness Factory Competition Grade Kettlebell Review

CFF Competition Grade Kettlebell: A

Disclosure: We previously did a review of CFF's standard kettle bell.  We found problems with the coating, and you can read all about that in that review.  Christian, owner of CFF, contacted me and said he saw our review and had a new kettlebell he wanted me to check out.  It was a competition grade bell.  I was in the market for these anyway, so in addition to the one he sent me, I bought a full set.  This review is based off of those bells. 

CFF's steel competition grade kettlebell- a huge step up, still the cheapest around.  

The Competition grade bell is a HUGE step up from the standard CFF bell.  We said in a previous review that the best part about CFF gear was that it was cheap, and the worst part was that it was cheap.  Meaning we liked that we could afford it, and we didn't like the quality.  

This KB has changed our minds.  CFF's steel competition grade kettle bells are a great value for the price, and I would use them any day over my dragon door bells.  Especially considering I can afford to use matching pairs.

Many users ask us about kettlebell only workouts.  If you're gonna do that, do matching bells (2 of each weight).  If you're not rich and still want decent bells, these are a great way to go.  As competition grade, they are all the same size regardless of weight- meaning form, leverage, etc. don't change.  

Quality... the problem with the older bells was the coating would chip easily and tear your skin.  Not a problem with these- bare steel handles.  Chalk your hand (and a little on the handles) and you are golden for a long workout.  The rest of the bell is painted.  NOW, the review of the older bells still stands.  We call things like we see them.  But these bells are a great choice.

We haven't had these long enough to really see how they stand up to the test of time.  But I can say in fairness, if you have competition kettlebells, you should not be beating them up as much as other bells.  Regardless of brand.  That factor got it the "minus" after the A.  But I suspect most other brands would also.  

Overall a great choice, especially when CFF runs a sale.  

Posted on March 19, 2014 and filed under Gear Review.