What is Fatal Fitness?
The official definition: Fatal Fitness is an intense exercise system designed specifically to supplement military pt that focuses on functional fitness with a slightly different twist in near-randomized methodology to allow incorporation of extra "miscellaneous" exercises and character development.

Because routine and monotony and mediocrity all suck, among many other things, we decided to take fitness to another level. We're into the superhuman, the men and women who possess the potential to accomplish ridiculous physical feats. We won't judge you if you're not one of these people--not many people are. But we will welcome you to join us in our perpetual quest for that next level, beyond the edge.

Fatal Fitness was created out of the strong desire for more and something new. Too often, workouts consist of the same repetitive motions, patterns, and exercises, and the only way of making progress is to set goals based on either resistance or number of repetitions. We wanted to change all that. Fatal Fitness is dedicated to enhancing your fitness and taking it to the next level. By targeting areas that other programs neglect, we guarantee you success towards your personal goals. Instead of just cardio and single-plane resistance training, with no deviations, we offer you challenging workouts on a daily basis that are designed with the concept of integrated training in mind. Through Fatal Fitness, strength gains or increased cardiorespiratory fitness aren’t the only things to look forward to. Our exercises and workouts will serve as a practical vehicle to optimizing your neuromuscular efficiency, stability, control, balance, speed, agility, strength, and power. We place high value in challenge. We also place high value in doing things right. Not only do we want you to reach your destination, we want you to enjoy the ride, get there safely, and as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of all we have to offer, from our highly challenging Death Certificates to our informative Autopsies. We will be working diligently to bring you to latest, greatest advancements in exercise science, which will enable you to achieve levels of fitness beyond your wildest dreams. When you begin to see fast results, pit your skills against The Reaper, the ulta-hard fitness assessment that is exclusive to Fatal Fitness. When you can max it out, you will know you are truly a force to be reconed with.

We don't believe in genetics. Blaming a lack of progress or not taking initiative because you think genetics will interfere is nothing more than laziness. It's a cop-out, without question. When it comes to fitness, the only determining factor is your dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice. If you push yourself into that realm of anti-comfort, and you do it consistently, you will succeed.

Keep trying, to the edge. It is only through sacrifice and honor that the true self is realized.